Create a pane component complete with optional API and responsive functionality.


Generates a pane component to be used with the Panes and Pane UI modules.

+pane(id, position, classes, dataAtts)


  • id - String - the ID for the pane that will be passed to the data-pane attribute.
  • position - String - position of the pane off-canvas. accepts: above, below, right, left.
  • classes - String - any css classes to be added to the parent element.
  • dataAtts - Object - data attributes pertaining to module extensions, such as the Responsive, or Inject extension modules.
  • dataAtts.api - String - The filename of the api file.
  • dataAtts.responsive - String - breakpoint string keys to populate the value of the data-responsive attribute.

How to Use

All this mixin requires is the id and position params to output a useable component. For the content of the pane, simply pass markup to the block of the mixin.

Basic Usage


+pane('example', 'right')
    h3 Hello
    p This is content.


<div class="pane right" data-pane="example">
  <!-- Pane Header -->
  <div class="pane-header">
    <div class="top-bar">
      <div class="left">
        <button class="icon-button" data-pane-close>
          <!-- Close Icon -->
    <!-- Pane Content -->
    <div class="pane-content">
      <!-- Block Contents -->
      <article class="example-stuff">
          This is content.