An expandable card with a thumbnail, title, tags, and description.


The card mixin is meant to take a data object and turn it into a full card component. The mixin was written to take a file object from a collection, thus making it ideal for iteration.

+card(data, options)



Params Type Description
path String The relative filepath of the post this card represents.
type String The type of post this card represents.
title String The title of the card.
description String Description for the card.
thumbnail Object Object containing data for the thumbnail.
thumbnail.image String image path for the src attribute of the img element.
thumbnail.title String title of the image for the title attribute.
thumbnail.description String description of the image for the alt attribute.
tags Array array of tags for the represented post.
api Object an object containing API specific data.
api.namespace String the namespace to use to generate the proper data-inject value.


Params Type Description
responsive String String passed to the data-responsive attribute. see The JavaScript Responsive Module Doc for more info.
animation String String passed to data-animation attribute. See The JavaScript Animation Module for more info.
classes String any css classes that should be added to the parent element.
horizontal Boolean whether the card should have a horizontal or vertical layout. NOTE: This defaults to true, but as of now there are no styles to handle a vertical layout should this be set to false.

How To Use

Due to the way the mixin is set up to take a big data object, it's best to use collection data and iterate over it. Blow is an example of the kind of data this mixin takes.


  var data = {
    path: '/projects/example.html',
    type: 'project',
    title: 'Example',
    description: 'A fun description of stuff.',
    thumbnail: {
      image: 'path/to/image.png',
      title: 'Example Preview',
      description: 'A preview of the Example Post'
    tags: ['foo', 'bar'],
    api: {
      namespace: 'projects'

+card(data, 'a-sepcial-class')


<div class="card horizontal a-special-class" data-card>
  <!-- Options Bar -->
  <div class="card-options-bar">
    <button class="icon-button" data-card-close>
      <!-- Icon Content... -->
    <button class="button" data-inject="projects.example">
      See More
  <!-- Card Cover -->
  <div class="card-cover">
    <!-- Thumbnail -->
    <div class="card-thumbnail">
      <img src="path/to/image.png" title="Example Preview" alt="A preview of the Example Post" />
    <!-- Info -->
    <div class="card-info">
      <!-- Title -->
      <!-- Tags -->
      <div class="tags-container">
        <ul class="tags">
  <!-- Description Content Container -->
  <div class="bottom-container">
      A fun description of stuff.


  • The horizontal param, while handling the boolean passed to it just fine, currently creates a css class output that will basically break it if you pass false to it. The styles were originally written, but have since been removed after the component had a major style overhaul. The vertical version of a card is still planned to happen, but not until it's actually needed.